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Deciding on the right Diamond Shape can feel overwhelming, considering the options. The diamond shapes to choose are Round, Princess, Emerald, Asscher, Cushion, Radiant, Pear, Oval, Marquise, and Heart. The shape of the diamond refers to its cut. The cut is the overall geometry involving the facets and proportion of the diamond. 


Cutting a diamond involves an array of skills, craftsmanship, and ground breaking technology. A diamond cutter has to be meticulous in cutting a diamond to bring out its unique beauty and sparkle. Our guide will take a deep dive into how to choose the right diamond shape for you or your fiancé. Let us begin our plan to sweep you or your partner right off your/their feet. 

 First, determine the purpose of your purchase. Are you seeking a diamond pendant as a gift, a stunning diamond ring for an engagement, or a diamond piece as a gift for yourself? Pick a diamond that reflects the personality and style of the wearer. Let’s talk about different diamonds and what they say before you decide!  


A round diamond is a classic choice for brides. It is popular for its timeless elegance and round-brilliant cut. A round diamond is the most popular choice for engagement rings. These account for nearly 75 percent of all diamonds sold worldwide. It was created in 1919 by legendary Polish diamond cutter Marcel Tolkowsky featuring 58 facets. These facets individually make the light bounce from the base of the diamond through the uppermost top, giving unmistakable sparkle and brilliance. The shape is versatile and timeless and makes it look clean with elaborate styles too. 


Princess cut diamond is the second most popular ring shape, after the round. This ladylike square-shaped diamond has intricate facets varying from 49 to 144. The higher the number of facets, the more is the sparkle. The brilliance and sparkle of the diamond make flaws less noticeable. It is a modern classic in the world of diamond shape. Commonly, it is worn in a solitaire setting to enjoy the spotlight and reveal its charm. 


A cushion-cut diamond looks like a pillow with a rectangular cut and rounded corners. The cushion-cut has an antique or vintage appeal making it romantic. The larger facets increase the brilliance of the diamond, making it perfect for people who care about diamond clarity. If clarity is of paramount importance for you, this is undoubtedly the shape for you. It captures the essence of romance and sophistication with its unmatched sparkle.  


Asscher-cut diamonds are rare and expensive. The shape was created by the Asscher brothers of Amsterdam in 1902. The Asscher shape is nearly similar to the emerald cut, except that this striking diamond is square. It has a chunky profile, oversized profile, clipped edges, and stepped sides.  It is still the first choice for vintage-style lovers. 



Emerald embody glamour. This rectangular shape features lean elongated facets down either side and a large table that exhibits the diamond’s clarity better than any other shape. This shape denotes confidence and elegance but lacks brilliance. Though it lacks the brilliance of exhibited round or princess cut diamonds, it offers mesmerizing flashes of light. In a nutshell, it is worth your buck. 



This striking shape has a tapered cut, with pointed ends on either side, making this diamond-cut distinctive. Marquise shape also happens to be one of the largest-looking diamonds like the emerald. It is majestic as its origin is associated with dramatic history and regality during the 18th-century. The elongated shape of the diamond makes fingers look leaner and slenderer.



This shape redefines elegance with its symmetrical shape and truly remarkable brilliance. Oval diamonds innate elegance and leave an illusion of slender-looking hands and fingers. However, it can be flanked by smaller diamonds or gemstones like sapphire, emerald, or others. These look effortlessly sophisticated and often are purchased as an alternative to the more popular round diamond.



The pear is the perfect blend of the marquise and the oval, resembling a teardrop. It is very popular for pendants and earrings and a good choice for engagement rings. The design allows light to throw a pass through them, making them sparkle brilliantly. It is an excellent statement piece.



It is not a common diamond choice for engagement rings due to its scarcity. This diamond is glamourous like the emerald and shines brilliantly like the round. It has a rare sparkly square cut with trimmed corners. Its stunning dazzle of a radiant diamond is the result of its 70 facets, to be exact. 



The heart is the ultimate symbol of love and romance, after all. The look of the diamond depends on the skill and precision of the diamond cutter. Without a good cut, the stone will lack sparkle and beauty. The diamond needs thorough examination to make sure it has no hidden flaws before executing the cut. 


We hope that after reading our guide you have gained some clarity on choosing your diamond. Contact us when your ready to start designing the ring of your dreams at 302-426-9811 or